Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools is an on-campus support program for students. It provides academic, social and emotional support in both individual and group settings, helping students be more successful in school and in their life as a whole. 

Students can be referred by anyone for CIS services, and parent/guardian consent is required for participation in programming.  

CIS services are provided throughout the school day and are confidential, with exception of any issues concerning the safety of students or the wider community.

Communities in Schools at Travis offers several programs to support students. They include: 

SmartKids  A program that works with students living in public housing. Provides support both on campus and in the community for students and their families.

XY Zone  A male leadership program that allows for students to participate in community service projects on campus and in the community.

Compass to College (C2C) Program  This program raises awareness of higher education and career opportunities, develops pre-employment skills, promotes peer and leadership characteristics, and builds self-esteem and social abilities for future success.

For more information about Communities in Schools, please visit the Communities in Schools Central Texas website. 

Communities in Schools Contacts

Program Manager - Jena Gallegos


Compass to College Coordinator - Jennifer Bautisa


SmartKids Coordinator - Anna Zamarripa


XY-Zone Coordinator - Raisa Reyes