Law and Criminal Justice

Whether your goal is to protect and serve or you have your sights set on law shool, the Law and Criminal Justice program at Travis is a great place to start. Students participate in hands-on training activities and explore the history, role and function of American law enforcement and the courts system.

Current classes include:

Principles of Law: Public Safety, Corrections and Security

This class gives students an overview of the criminal justice system. The class is a prerequisite for Law Enforcement I and Courts Systems and Practices.

Law Enforcement I

Students explore the career opportunities available to them in law enforcement. Students learn about the history of law enforcement in the United States and learn to use the skills and tools involved in law enforcement positions.

Courts Systems and Practices

Students learn about the history of the United States court system and explore related career paths. Austin Community College credit is awarded upon completion of the course.

Forensic Sciences, Anatomy & Physiology

This program examines the inner mechanics of the human body as well as the physical environment in regards to solving crime, fighting disease, and maintaining a healthy life. These courses support both the law enforcement and health science career clusters. Students ask essential questions including: Can science be used to stop crime? What are the conditions of a healthy human? What preventive measures/treatments can be utilized to combat disease? Become a scientist that focuses on public service!

Travis students learn about forensic science