Design and Multimedia Arts

Design and Multimedia Arts

The audio and video production sequence at Travis Early College High school is made up of three courses in which students learn every aspect of production: writing, filming, directing, producing, and editing. They learn in a very "hands on" project - based environment and  master a wide variety of media creation skills including using video cameras, editing video, acting, and music creation.

Audio and Video Production

This class is articulated with RTVB 1305 at Austin Community College. Here students learn the basic skills of video production, from brainstorming an idea all the way to editing and showing it to an audience.

Audio and Video Production 2

Building off their skills from level one, the students produce even more ambitious productions with more professional equipment. Students in level two can take the Adobe Certified Associates exam to become a certified Premiere Pro video editor.

Digital Audio Technology

Students study studio recording and music production in our recording studio that we call The Beat Lab. Here students learn the skills of audio recording, foley, radio, and music production.

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Industry certification: Adobe Certified Associates (ACA)


Principles of Arts and AV - A 9th-grade Intro to Photography course teaching the basics of cameras, composition, posing models, studio lighting, Photoshop and more! We also cover the basics of typography & graphic design, product making, the basics of audio and storyboarding, and create a portfolio to showcase your best work from the year. 

Commercial Photography Open to 9th - 12th grades. Create compelling, creative images using DSLR & cell phone cameras. You will learn Photoshop, composition, food and product photography, portraiture, studio and natural lighting techniques, landscape and cityscape photography, web portfolio design and so much more! (If you took Principles of Arts and AV in 8th grade, you can take this class as a 9th grader!)

AP Photography - Open to all seniors who had previously taken a commercial photo class. Students create a 15 -20 image portfolio to submit to the AP College Board in May for possible college credit for Art (All college students must have 1 year of art credits.) We spend the year creating a series of images on the topic of your choice. We have regular class critiques and personalized lessons to help you score well on the portfolio. 


Principles of Arts & A/V
Audio and Video Production I & II
Digital Audio Technology
Practicum in A/V Production
Commercial Photography I & II
Practicum in Commercial Photography
AP Photography